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A Complete Tour to Deva Snana Yatra of Lord Jagannath

Devasnana Purnima is also known as “Snana Yatra”. Devasnana Purnima is an inseparable part of the famous Ratha Yatra Puri. One this day, the idols of Lord Jagannath, Devi Subhadra and Lord Balabhadra are taken out from the “Ratnasimhasan” of the Jagannath Puri Temple, early in the morning.


ସାଂସଦ ଅନୁଭବ ମହାନ୍ତିଙ୍କ ନାଁରେ ମାମଲା | Anubhav Mohanty is surrounded by Controversies


ଏମିତି ତିଆରି କରିବେ ମହୁଲ ପୋଡ଼ପିଠା | Making of Mahula Podapitha @ Panthanivas, Bhubaneswar